Sarah Hopkins

Director of Business Development & Customer Engagement 


With a Fine Arts degree from Union College, one might wonder how I ended up here. Well it’s all about PEOPLE: people give to people, people learn from people and people buy from people. Simply put, my why is FOSTER…fostering relationships with people to take action in business and at home.

For 25 years I have been serving others by working in the nonprofit field of fundraising and development. I began raising funds through special events and developing relationships with donors, vendors, employees and partners. Over the course of my career I have raised millions of dollars for a variety of nonprofits including the arts, human services and education by fostering relationships to engage supporters.

As an only child, I started developing and fostering relationships when I was very young and find a true passion with my “extrovertedness” connecting with and seeing the best in others.  After working in the nonprofit sector, I realized I have done well helping others, but how can I see my own potential and take my career to the next level, while still helping others to achieve theirs?  Then I found CI Squared.

My passion is fostering the unlimited potential in others and now I can more effectively help others realize this potential through leadership and development while further developing my own.

I am that coworker, mom and friend that leads the charge to getting things done while empowering, having fun and laughing.  Get out there, get it done, but take a moment to smell the roses, smile and be successful in whatever we do.

Favorite Things: Reading, cooking, being with friends and family, and lastly being outdoors in Mother Nature’s beauty.

Favorite Quote: “I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.” Herman Melville – Moby Dick

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