“73% Sales reps focus too much on product. Only, 37% Sales reps effectively communicated business value. It’s NOT About You, It’s about the Customer’s Situation.” Hank Barnes – Gartner “Tech Go-To-Market” Does this sound familiar?Story Blocks

Too many sales people are STUCK in ‘product – features- functions’ mode where lowering costs takes the main stage vs. helping customers to innovate. 

Some of the most successful sales professionals intuitively use business storytelling in conversations, presentations, and speeches. However, the overwhelming use of power point has made this a dying art. In recent years, Story has been proven scientifically to inspire and help others opt-in and buy.

We will help you acquire this skill; first, by showing you what creates a compelling story to make the right point for your audience, and then, by explaining the basic storytelling structure and map to build and tell stories. 

People buy YOU. Storytelling techniques for sales make an emotional connection with your customer and overcome their bias to have them opt in and see the value you bring to the table and that you provide innovation in thinking and in execution.

As storytellers, we can demonstrate who we are and build trust and rapport. We can make data and facts interesting and relevant, teach important lessons, transform beliefs, and change minds. We use the inherent power of stories to communicate, influence, engage and inspire in ways that are not possible with any other form of communication.


Single or ½ day programs to shift from presentation to conversation: Story Gathering, Building and Telling; Two-day Full Immersion programs, Kickoff Meetings, Virtual and Keynotes. Workshops to improve communication skills for sales and presales people.

Our business at Total Comfort Solutions is about managing and maintaining building systems for large organizations. Our story is about being more than workers with tasks to do, but being people with a difference to make. Our company is passionate about developing our people, and we are no stranger to investing in training workshops. CI Squared delivered The Art of the Nudge workshop to our team and it was the best training experience we have ever been through. The techniques they taught us about Story Gathering and developing Customer Hero Stories is the perfect complement to turbocharge The Challenger Sale sales model that is the foundation of our sales culture. We embarked on this endeavor to gather and tell better stories to build better relationships with our clients and drive business results.

David Goudelock

General Manager at Total Comfort Solutions


CI Squared delivered a very impactful Executive Session to our leadership team, including the CEO and several senior executives. The team immediately grasped the framework and saw how this method of communicating through story could improve SCRA’s business performance by both listening more effectively to our customers and telling compelling stories that break through the clutter of our digital world. As a result, we have included story as an integral part of our customer engagement strategy and sales methodology. Chris and John’s background, experience, and delivery style fit well with our very seasoned business developers and technical leaders.

Chris VanMetre

President, SCRA Applied R&D, SCRA