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Using the Customer Hero Story

Oct 5,2018

Using the Customer Hero Story is one powerful way to leverage Stories as a differentiator for improved performance. I was excited about my new job and the high quality of smart people I had interviewed with at Management Science America many years ago. I had participated in a two-week on

Your Leading Edge Podcast – Curiosity in Business

Oct 1,2018

Your Leading Edge Podcast: Curiosity in Business This episode features Hank Boyer, CEO of Boyer Management Group and Christine Miles, M.S. Ed Founder of Ci Squared for an informal discussion about how you can use curiosity to your advantage in business. Tips and best practices discussed for leaders to use to

BIASED: No, Yes, Maybe?

Sep 10,2018

Sometimes it seems easier to keep your mouth shut. Right? Our communities and work places can be overly “politically correct” environments these days, and it feels as though you can’t say anything anymore without risking offending someone. It’s easier to think if we don’t offend we will solve the issue

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  • 4 tips on how to succeed with Stories
    Blame it on Snapchat. Back in 2013, the upstart social network debuted Stories–vertical, ephemeral slideshows made of a mix of pics and videos shot by users over the course of a day. Snapchat’s teen users loved the format, though the rest of the social media universe took little notice . . . at least, not at first. But then Stories ... read more
  • What it’s like to date and marry out of your social class
    Marriage is fast becoming a status symbol. In 2018, fewer people in the U.S. are getting married, but those who do are more likely to be economically privileged. A 2017 research brief found that 56% of middle class and upper class adults are married, but among working class and lower class adults, that number is between 26% and 39%. In ... read more
  • How your email habits might be making you a worse boss
    The average worker receives 124 emails a day, but if you’re a leader, you may want to back away from your inbox. Keeping up with your messages can prevent you from achieving your goals and being a good leader, according to new research from Michigan State University published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. Managers spend at least 90 minutes a day ... read more
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