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Sharks and the Concept of Change

Aug 8,2017

What can Whale sharks and Great Whites teach us? The start of the new third quarter and second half of the year is an ideal time to identify changes necessary for a monumental second half. What has gone well and what needs to be tweaked is worth time and reflection.

Are You More Like Twitter or Instagram?

Jul 11,2017

A picture is worth a thousand words… A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say, but the updated version of that phrase sounds more like… put together the pictures with the words and you’ll experience unprecedented engagement and communications. Undeniably we still live in a text based society,

What's holding you back?

5 Stories That Could Be Holding You Back

Jun 6,2017

What am I doing wrong? Have you ever asked yourself why things aren’t changing for you, whether personally or professionally? You’ve done everything you can think of to change direction, but you always end up back at square one. But maybe it’s just that: changing how you think. Whether we

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  • Tech’s Swift Reaction To Hate Groups Was Years In The Making
    The sometimes-uncomfortable relationship between online service providers and their more unsavory customers changed in the wake of the Charlottesville tragedy. Companies that don’t take a public stand on the content they carry started to take one, with both GoDaddy and Cloudflare dropping infamous neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer. Others, like PayPal, which had quietly taken one-off actions on hate sites in the ... read more
  • Four Reasons You Might Regret Taking That New Job Or Promotion
    It’s easy to think that there’s one direction you should be moving in your career: forward. You’re supposed to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you finally reach the top of that proverbial ladder. But here’s the thing: Career paths aren’t always so simple. And, just because something seems like it will get you one rung ... read more
  • From Brain Foods To Addressing Charlottesville: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories
    This week, we explored what it’s like to spend a week adjusting your diet to fuel your brain (not just your body), which interview answers hiring managers just can’t abide, and how management guru Peter Drucker might have counseled business execs after the events in Charlottesville last weekend. These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of August 14: 1. I’ve Interviewed Thousands ... read more
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