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Using the Customer Hero Story

Oct 5,2018

Using the Customer Hero Story is one powerful way to leverage Stories as a differentiator for improved performance. I was excited about my new job and the high quality of smart people I had interviewed with at Management Science America many years ago. I had participated in a two-week on

Your Leading Edge Podcast – Curiosity in Business

Oct 1,2018

Your Leading Edge Podcast: Curiosity in Business This episode features Hank Boyer, CEO of Boyer Management Group and Christine Miles, M.S. Ed Founder of Ci Squared for an informal discussion about how you can use curiosity to your advantage in business. Tips and best practices discussed for leaders to use to

BIASED: No, Yes, Maybe?

Sep 10,2018

Sometimes it seems easier to keep your mouth shut. Right? Our communities and work places can be overly “politically correct” environments these days, and it feels as though you can’t say anything anymore without risking offending someone. It’s easier to think if we don’t offend we will solve the issue

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  • 5 ways you can hide your nerves when giving a speech
    What’s the reaction you have when you see a speaker who’s nervous? Chances are, you probably catch the feeling, feel their suffering, and cringe at the thought that it could be you. Then you’ll probably start hoping that it will never be you. Fear is a powerful emotion and is extremely contagious. It’s normal to be anxious when you’re giving ... read more
  • Managers, consider these things before you give someone a promotion
    It’s that time of year when leaders get together to hash out their strategic plan for next year. It’s the time when they look at who’s performing well, and who they should and shouldn’t promote. It can be an exciting time, but it’s also a time that comes with considerable risks. A leader sees the individual’s potential when they’re exhibiting ... read more
  • How to manage your workload during the holiday season
    Though the holidays are a popular time for workers to cash in on their vacation days, there are plenty of good reasons not to take time off toward the end of the year. For one thing, holiday travel can be prohibitively expensive, so if you’re looking to visit friends and family, the latter part of the year is perhaps the ... read more
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