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Using the Customer Hero Story

Oct 5,2018

Using the Customer Hero Story is one powerful way to leverage Stories as a differentiator for improved performance. I was excited about my new job and the high quality of smart people I had interviewed with at Management Science America many years ago. I had participated in a two-week on

Win Rates in a Complex B2B World: Are You Measuring and Using Them Effectively?

Jul 17,2018

People in sales understand win rates. While most claim they measure and use them to drive execution improvements, this is not what we observe. Win rates are the number of times you win deals that you have competed in. In a complex B2B sales world, these wins lead to revenue,

Miscommunication and Misalignment are Rampant Today! What Role are you Playing?

May 10,2018

Let me start with a Story of one of our key clients. XYZ is a fast-growing technology company, having problems between product development and product marketing. Product development certainly had a big job for their stable applications that were the backbone of the business. They were also quickly transitioning to

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  • Why older workers are the economy’s hidden asset
    The association of old age with inevitable decline runs deep. To carry on with work–or indeed with anything more demanding than afternoon lectures, a movie, and an early dinner–during the traditional retirement years seems cute at best and depressing at worst. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith called these common reactions–surprise laced with condescending admiration or misplaced concern–the “Still Syndrome.” It’s the ... read more
  • How working for someone else helped me be a better entrepreneur
    If you ask someone how Steve Jobs started Apple, they’re likely to mention a particular Silicon Valley garage, but not the time 12-year-old Steve Jobs worked on an assembly line at Hewlett-Packard as a summer intern. Was Jobs a phenom? Of course. Did he wake up one day, drop out of college, and invent the iPhone? Of course not. The ... read more
  • Managers, here’s how you deal with negative employees
    You’ve seen it happen before: One of your direct reports has suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly) become a nuisance. In meetings, they’re rejecting good ideas and putting down bad ones. Or they’re constantly complaining about their work or someone else or some company initiative. Or they never seem to see the positive in what you’re working on as a ... read more
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