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Marketing vs Sales: No One Wins

Nov 14,2017

“2/3 of salespeople believe marketers are wasting time on fancy events and branding activities when they would be better served focusing on tactics that directly impact the sales pipeline. Similarly, the majority of marketing pros consider salespeople boastful and showmen.” (Dan Sincavage B2B Community) Marketing and sales share the same end

Your Company Story is a Business Differentiator

Oct 10,2017

Online news publication VISTA Today sees the impact of their company story So what do we do? VISTA Today is an online news publication founded by Ken Knickerbocker that celebrates Chester County, Pennsylvania’s quality of place and economic health. They publish positive, concise summaries of the county’s assets:  its commerce,

Training As A Campaign

Sep 10,2017

This month we are proud to have the President of CI Squared, John Geraci, present his point of view on the state of the corporate training world, drawing on his experience in the United States Army. Do you feel like you’re flushing training dollars down the toilet? Frustrated and a bit

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  • It’s Time To Purge The Pervs From Politics—And Let Women Step In
    This story reflects the views of this author, but not necessarily the editorial position of Fast Company. On November 9, 2016, Hillary Clinton, fresh from defeat by a pussy-grabbing misogynist, predicted better times ahead for women: “Now, I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will — and hopefully sooner than we might ... read more
  • This Is How My Therapist Taught Me To Deal With Annoying Coworkers
    Fact: Working with other people is hard. Even when you like them. And over the years, I’ve tried different strategies to improve relationships (or, at the very least, prevent myself from freaking out in people’s faces). But then, last year, I started going to therapy to deal with a situation outside the office. And I was surprised to realize that ... read more
  • From Networking Missteps To Side Hustles: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories
    This week, we learned what phrases to avoid when you’re networking, why you should stop trying to be friends with your coworkers, and how to find time for your side hustle when you already have a day job. These are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of November 13: 1. Never Start Your Networking Conversations By ... read more
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