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Not Understanding Your Customer Can Hurt You

Mar 6,2018

Connecting with and understanding customers’ business problems and personal implications is more important today than ever. But in this fast-paced world, bombardment of digital messages, priorities shifting on a dime and never enough time, it’s not easy. However, when you don’t fully understand your customer, you are at great risk.

Are You Breaking Through the Clutter?

Feb 6,2018

Or, why aren’t you breaking through the clutter? You may ask yourself this question after a series of unanswered emails or a promising deal cut short. Here’s why. People don’t have time. What our research shows us is that the amount of incoming content to every person is staggering.  “According

B2B Sales and the Herd Mentality: Are You Following or Leading?

Jan 9,2018

B2B Sales is more challenging than ever. Are you following the old herd or leading the new pack? Customers’ buying habits are changing. The fast pace of technology only accelerates this change with an overwhelming amount of messages and shifting priorities clamoring for people’s undivided attention. There’s also an intergenerational shift in

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