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We deliver an extraordinary communication framework to overcome challenges using story development, understanding people and personalities, and introducing the “Nudge” as a breakthrough in performance escalation. We all have untapped potential to discover and we can show you HOW.

This is big. We help you connect with your team at their current level of understanding to instigate and inspire action.

The Art of the Nudge (TATN) is the answer – Changing the conversation in this “Age of Digital Disruption.”  You will understand what you need to do and develop the traits that transcend skills and experience.


Untapped potential in people and organizations is the new frontier.


The Art of The Nudge Leadership Workshop

The Art of The Nudge Leadership Workshop is based upon ground breaking research that helps you tap into the potential of your most powerful subconscious brain.  By applying it to your top 3 priorities, you will exit with a Leadership Communication Plan – including stories – that will make an immediate impact to accelerate performance.


The Art of The Nudge Sales Workshop is based upon ground breaking research that helps you tap into the potential of your most powerful subconscious brain.  By applying it to your top 3 accounts or deals, you will begin to change the conversation with your customers, inspiring them to action.


Most training companies have a one size fits all approach: “Take my 2 day program or leave it.” CI² tailors our components to drive your specific business outcomes.


The world has changed with the bombardment of digital and mobile inputs. Selling and leading today is about getting people to opt in. With readily available information on the web, your customers think they already know you and what they need. The art is to help them gain insights about things they do not know that will help them out-perform. Simply selling your product or solution is just not enough.

Story Building and Telling

Some of the most successful leaders and sales professionals intuitively use Story in conversations, presentations, and speeches. However, the overwhelming use of power point has made this a dying art. Yet, in recent years, Story has been proven scientifically to inspire and help others opt-in and buy.


Increase your influence and effectiveness – whether leading or selling – by assessing your own and others’ natural style of personality and leadership.



I recently attended one of CiSquared’s leadership seminars.  I am now incorporating the 6 Gathering Questions into my practice and have shifted my initial consult with clients into really getting their full story.  As a result, I am getting better information and creating the connection I need to have with my clients to really serve them more effectively. As an upper cervical chiropractor that specializes in conditions linked to significant neurological disorders, I can also say that John and Christine have utilized important ideas of current neurosciences

Dr. Bill Moss

Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center


As an early adopter. I firmly believe in the ideas and process of The Art of the Nudge and have directly experienced how small nudges can drive substantive results. I highly recommend this book and CiSquared to all of my CEO colleagues.

Yaacov Heidingsfield

CEO, TraderTools-The eFXperts


The leadership tools and DiSC personality profiles really helped me think through the particular strengths of my senior leaders and make adjustments to integrate, align, and get more leverage from my talented team. The sales teams gained tremendous value by learning how to get prospects to more effectively opt-in to Compliance Science, as we captured and relayed better Customer Success Stories. CiSquared’s work was tied directly to our business outcomes of fast revenue growth and increasing sales productivity, while helping inspire the leadership team to pull together and drive towards our growth goals.

Mitchel Kraskin

CEO, Complience Science


As an early reader of The Art of the Nudge, I have been using the concepts actively. I recently accepted a new role as the CEO of Crown Philanthropic Solutions and used this communication framework to answer the question of whether or not I really wanted to commit to this new position. I am now actively using the other tools of this training to define my key vision and inspire the tremendous potential of the wonderful leaders in the company.

Laura McKnight

CEO, Crown- Philanthropic Solutions


Reading your book, The Art of the Nudge, has already made an impression on me. Recently, I was having a discussion at a board meeting of a not-for-profit that I work with. We were talking about how we need to do a better job of not simply getting the organization’s stories out there, but instead, finding out what excites and motivates the supporters; in other words, what are their stories?

Kim Taylor

Managing Attorney, KTK Associates


CI Squared delivered a very impactful Executive Session to our leadership team, including the CEO and several other senior executives.  The team immediately grasped the framework and saw how this method of communicating through story could improve SCRA’s business performance by both listening more effectively to our customers and telling compelling stories that break through the clutter of our digital world. As a result, we have included story as an integral part of our customer engagement strategy and sales methodology. Chris and John’s background, experience, and delivery style fit well with our very seasoned business developers and technical leaders.

Chris Van Metre

President of ATI


I recently took over as the new CEO of Extenda. I worked with CI Squared going through their new leadership modules. As a leader who has attended numerous leadership training, I was pleasantly surprised at the additional insights and practical ideas I gained. Although based upon some cutting edge research, the training was pragmatic and practical because we applied the communication framework and exercises to my specific top 3 priorities and critical people. I left with some new ideas to think about realizing my company’s potential. Some have helped already.

Hakan Valberg

CEO of Extenda


“…I hope readers will be vulnerable enough—and wise enough—to take a chance on using the power of storytelling. The Art of the Nudge offers a brilliant way to revolutionize business, so it isn’t just about the almighty dollar but about creating a better culture that benefits everyone. We all have potential we don’t use. There isn’t one of us who can’t use a Nudge now and then. Let this book be the Nudge that takes you off your dirt road and puts you on a superhighway to your full potential, both for your business and for yourself.”

Tyler Tichelaar

Book Review: The Art of the Nudge by John Geraci and Christine Miles


The CiSquared workshop was the most impactful team building event I have ever attended.  I have personally used the knowledge I gained from CiSquared’s communication framework to build a stronger emotional connection with family, friends, clients, potential hires and teammates. I would recommend these workshops for anyone who wants to improve their company, team and personal performance.

Frank Rhea

Executive VP of Services, Tozour Energy Systems


The Art of the Nudge (TATN) is a step by step framework to:

N – (K)now what you want to do or accomplish, and more importantly, WHY?

U – Understand the current story being told by you and others in your organization.

D – Develop a new story that empowers people and ignites their passion to take Action

G – Give and tell this story often enough to inspire others to act with their maximum potential.

E – Evaluate progress, celebrate success, and continue to Nudge or adapt.

Within the framework of The Art of the Nudge, you will learn to believe in the untapped potential and power of your brain with some key pictures: The Iceberg, Superhighways and Dirt Roads, and the Elephant and Rider.

Visualizing our TATN Framework as a car, we will introduce you to some key components and complementary tools: Personality Profiles as the tires, Story Gathering as the engine, and Nudges as the gas pedal, to help you powerfully utilize the framework.





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