TATN: The Art of The Nudge augments existing Leadership and Sales Training Programs

Wyomissing, PA: CI Squared announces two new training programs based on their innovative Communications Framework, TATN, to help change the conversation for leaders and sales teams. John Geraci, Co-founder and President said, “The pace of change has accelerated in our digital/mobile world creating miscommunication, misalignment and sapping productivity. We are helping leaders change the conversation to unleash more of the untapped human potential, inspiring action. We tested a behaviorallearning model, applied to our Framework, for leaders and sales teams. The goal was to build workshops to accelerate learning and skill building. The training is applied to specific work projects so there is immediate value for participants. The exercises, pictures, and work documents are all designed to elevate performance and collaboration in a fun learning environment”.

Christine Miles, Co-founder and Chief Architect added, “We also wanted to bring some disruptions to the training industry to address our own “pet peeves” as buyers of training. Linking training to ROI; tailoring to goals and time constraints, and reinforcement programs break current training norms. We have built a process to help customers identify, track and measure specific ROI related to the training. Our component architecture allows us to link modules together logically specific to each customer’s situation. This provides a tailored more unique customer solution that we follow up with a scheduled reinforcement program”.

Post workshop components, application to real work and creating empowered leaders all differentiate the CI Squared impact. A local SAP North America executive shares his endorsement:

“We actively worked with John and Christine during their beta period. I reviewed the material personally and gained considerable insight, so subsequently had all of my VP’s attend the training. It was pragmatic and useful in our day to day conversations with Customers because we built stories highlighting real struggles, facts and emotions, with the Customer as the Hero. This Story Building process also helped us focus on the ROI benefits that the customer achieved and not the SAP features that were implemented. We have subsequently trained all of our team members and are in the middle of the reinforcement and measurement programs. I have never worked with a training supplier who both focused on establishing and helping track and measure Business ROI or had a formal and tailored reinforcement training program. CI Squared knows how to help you achieve real behavior change related to specific results.” -Stephen Shander, Chief Customer Officer, SAP North America