SCRA/ATI – New CEO Wants to go After Larger Government Contracts

Themes: Focus on the company story / executable and approachable for non-sales team / built around an internal product initiative


SCRA (South Carolina Research Authority)/ATI (Advanced Technology Incorporated) is a government contracting company that is staffed primarily of ex-military members. This company specializes in consortium management and needed to deliver more profit to create an opportunity for more hires. The CEO at the time was Bill Mahoney, and to do this, he worked with Chris Van Metre, the President of ATI. They decided that to increase revenue, they would need to focus on landing larger scale projects.


Bill felt that the business was growing too slowly to accomplish the goals that they had set for the company. This came as a result of many consultants not having any sales experience, and implementing a sales methodology that wasn’t even effective. The methods that they were using at the time came from a training program that only focused purely on sales, lacking an emphasis on the need to seek bigger deals, focus on revenue growth, and reduce overall backlog. Bill was feeling frustrated because the company was stuck in a cycle of unproductivity.

Tipping Point:

Bill reached out to John, CEO of Ci2, to discover ways to inspire his sales team to choose a more productive route.

New Beginning:

The team at ATI enrolled in the Ci2 training program that was specifically designed to address their workflow issues at the time. Because the team was full engaged in the training, they crafted a story around consortium management and the managers were able to use the story to land bigger deals; this not only increased company revenue, but also the confidence of their employees. The comfort that was developed during the training changed the view of value that the team was bringing to ATI as a whole. And Bill Mahoney was pleased with the growth that the company experienced as a result: a $400 million revenue increase and 900 million more dollars in backlog over a 6 year period. Not to mention, Chris Van Metre was promoted as a result of this successful implementation. Overall, Bill and Chris were pleased with the growth that came from their decision to partner with Ci2.