“Story is one of the most powerful tools to inspire people to action without the need to directly influence or sell.”



Communication is powerful. It will drive business value, or it will hurt your productivity.

CI Squared is a behavioral change company focused on advanced communication skills for customer-facing teams.

The world of work is changing rapidly. Technology is connecting people and teams more than ever before and is fundamentally changing how we interact with one another. New and improved communication channels allow collaboration and remote work – but not without its challenges. Miscommunication, misunderstandings and disagreements are rampant in our increasingly digital world. We call them Silent Productivity Killers (SPK’s) – they create friction and bottlenecks that are not initially visible but cause immense loss of time, value, morale and productivity.  

Our training is a catalyst for behavioral change. We designed our programs specifically to help teams connect, understand and inspire to build successful customer relationships that drive business value. Our solutions are based upon innovations in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and the science of decision-making. This research shows that people make decisions based on emotions and human connection rather than facts and logic.

We tailor our programs specifically to your organization, your customers and your workflow. Each workshop is customized to address the most critical and challenging conversations you have with customers – the moments that can make or break the deal, project or relationship.

We teach your team to connect with vulnerability, understand with mindful listening, and inspire with compelling stories. Authentic connection strengthens relationships and encourages customers and prospects to share openly. Effective listening, armed with the right questions, allows your team to let go of biases and truly understand the customer or prospect’s goals and needs. Story is one of the most powerful tools to inspire people to action without the need to directly influence or sell. 

The most successful and powerful people in business are often experts in communication and storytelling. We designed our programs to accelerate your team’s productivity and performance by training them in these skills. We believe all leaders and customer-facing teams need these skills to succeed in today’s work environment.

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