About Us

Who We Are

Ci Squared is an innovative training and behavioral change company. We help our customers leverage the power of storytelling to build stronger relationships that drive productivity and business results.

Our Story

We are a group of senior business executives who have led highly successful Sales, Services and Customer Experience organizations.

Over our careers, we observed that what differentiated our top performers was not product knowledge, technical skill or sales methodology. It was their ability to connect with customers and build trust, to truly understand the customer’s goals and needs, and to navigate the most important and difficult conversations that were critical to the customer’s success. These skills facilitated more sales, successful projects, and satisfied customers who were happy to renew.

At the same time, research from the fields of neuroscience and behavioral economics were reporting cohesive findings: that people make decisions based on emotions and human connection. This validated what we saw in the field. The way we speak and the way we make customers feel has a significant impact on the decisions they ultimately make.

We created CI2 to help customer-facing teams deliver better outcomes by transforming the way they engage with their customers. We developed programs for Sales, Services and Customer Success teams to continuously improve their ability to understand customers, articulate their company’s value, and forge strong business relationships.

Our programs act as a catalyst to help organizations align more effectively with customers and inspire them to act. Participants emerge with a framework they can use in any customer situation to create a stronger relationship and better outcomes.

As business executives, we focus on business results for our customers. We work with our customers to identify which metrics they wish to improve and then tailor our programs to deliver those results. Our customers see improved sales, increased win rates, stronger customer relationships, faster time to ROI, more effective upsell, cross-sell and renewal rates, and increased customer lifetime value.

CI2: Continuous Improvement and Innovation
We are dedicated to helping our customers innovate and grow, and we believe customer engagement skills are the key. Our mission is to help your team have more productive conversations, more collaborative customer relationships, and better business outcomes.

Our Values


We are here because we care about people. We are passionate about making our customers successful and helping them reach their business goals.


We believe in continuous improvement and growth. We look for opportunities to learn and improve as a company and we help our customers do the same.


We consider fun an integral part of hard work – both for ourselves and our customers. When teams have fun, they are more creative, innovative and productive.