Christine Miles, a professional with 30 years experience working in the field of business and behavioral psychology, and John Geraci, West Point graduate and operating executive of over 35 years, met at a seminar. 

A chance meeting at a seminar intrigued training industry experts John Geraci and Christine Miles to continue their conversation post-event about mining unlimited potential with their clients and the shared belief that communication is the lynchpin to success. 

As principals in their new joint business venture, CI Squared (Continuous Improvement  & Innovation), a shocking reality was this: They couldn’t communicate.

The ensuing struggles challenged core beliefs in their abilities to validate themselves as partners and in business relationships. Heated discussions revolved around facts, opinions, and biases.

If they faced these challenging roadblocks to achieving, especially in the fast pace of the digital world, how could they expect to teach others to resolve the same internal and external conflicts?

They knew that Storytelling was foundational in human communications, but on its own, just not enough. One conversation in particular while driving to a client appointment was so frustrating that John and Christine argued to the point where they reached a tipping point.

The venture was either over before it really began- or they were missing something BIG.

What they could agree on was that they needed to dig deeper into researching the fundamentals of macro trends, neuroscience, and behavioral economics in order to continue evolving and innovating with CI Squared.

John & Christine’s personal conflict led to realizing there was a better way to teach and define communication skills for business. The brain science around behavior enabled them to recognize two core principles that consistently trigger enhanced performance via corporate storytelling: “slow down to speed up” and “small nudges have a huge effect”. 

This discovery was the impetus for them to write and codify “The Art of the Nudge”- a communication framework that was simple and effective for people

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John Geraci
Co-Founder and President of CI²
John Geraci

John Geraci is an Author, Co-Founder and President of CI Squared. He has worked with high-tech companies, sharing the knowledge he has from his successes and failures and helping people unlock their potential. Along the way, he has continued to learn from these smart customers, while getting extreme satisfaction from his biggest why: helping others grow and achieve.


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Brad Childress
Chairman of the Board
Brad Childress

Over the years, Brad has been an executive sales leader, consultant, and trainer for dozens of high tech companies to help them dramatically improve sales effectiveness. His experience with some of the best sales forces in the world allows him to know how to adapt best sales practices in a very pragmatic, adoptable approach.”


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Sarah Dickinson
Story Coach & Customer Advocate
Sarah Dickinson

My work encompasses both of my passions: service and driving real outcomes for growth. My Psychology degree from Millersville University of Pennsylvania was perfect for fulfilling my desire to help others get results.




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Madelyn Geyer
Custom Advocate, Story Coach & Trainer
Madelyn Geyer

Why do I do what I do? I love to share; share my experiences, my passions, and my knowledge.  Growing up in a family that treasures and appreciates the Arts ignited a fire in me to tell stories.


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