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Why Columbo Enchanted us & how he won every case

Why Columbo enchanted us & how he won every case (Spoiler alert: He used Empathy 101) From 1971 until 2003, audiences were entertained with an atypical whodunit television show where a character played by Peter Falk named “Lieutenant Columbo” solved mysterious crimes. For those unfamiliar, Columbo was like a more empathetic, personable Sherlock Holmes. As […]

Is Trust Still Important and Does Upholding Commitments Matter in this Fast-Paced Digital World?

The world of digital disruption, ubiquitous communication, and generational shifts in the workforce is changing everything. People are moving faster; they are always “on” and bombarded by inputs from social/digital media. Our customers tell us that the negative effects of these great communication technologies are constant feelings of pressure and stress with shifting priorities. They often do […]

Empathy, Understanding, and Results Can you have it all with the Human Side of Digital Disruption?

I have recently read several articles in Fortune Magazine, McKinsey Insights, and LinkedIn about the need for empathy and understanding in the workplace. These articles are often related to the needs and wants of millennials; a generation that wants to make a difference, have a better work-life balance, and stay connected. The pleas for empathy […]