Can’t get to C Suite decision makers?

A new decision-maker enters the fray in the last 5 – 10% of the buying experience. Often times, this person needs to be engaged, educated and sold from scratch” (TOPO)

What are sales people missing?Eyeball Insight

We’ve heard from the pros we work with that it feels like they spend  too much time with the wrong people. Or they find the decision-maker is on another level and maybe even in another geographic location. 

Planning and preparation is an absolute requirement to  earn the right to get to the right decision makers. We teach the way to experience less obstacles in the discovery and buying process. You’ll learn solutions for asking the tough questions to get to the real problems.

“According to Brent Adamson, principal executive advisor at CEB and co-author of The Challenger Sale the average number of customer stakeholders involved in a B2B purchasing decision is 6.8 — up from 5.4 in late 2014.” (HubSpot)

Research shows that typically sales people do not  understand people and clients or what drives their biases and behaviors. We teach you to recognize what stories to tell to enable your customers to opt in and your teams to communicate together.

Understanding people is the key differentiator. Ci2 can help identify key instincts to buying & leading.