Training As A Campaign

This month we are proud to have the President of CI Squared, John Geraci, present his point of view on the state of the corporate training world, drawing on his experience in the United States Army. Do you feel like you’re flushing training dollars down the toilet? Frustrated and a bit angry, yet knowing training your […]

Is Trust Still Important and Does Upholding Commitments Matter in this Fast-Paced Digital World?

The world of digital disruption, ubiquitous communication, and generational shifts in the workforce is changing everything. People are moving faster; they are always “on” and bombarded by inputs from social/digital media. Our customers tell us that the negative effects of these great communication technologies are constant feelings of pressure and stress with shifting priorities. They often do […]

Empathy and Understanding, or, Results: A clear case of “And” versus “Or”

Can you have it all with the Human Side of Digital Disruption? I have read several articles recently about the need for empathy and understanding in the workplace. Fortune Magazine, McKinsey Insights, and LinkedIn have all had them. It is often related to the needs and wants of millennials; a generation that wants to make a difference, have a better […]

Alignment: What is it? How do you know if you have it? How do you get it?

The topic of alignment, like many things in life, is both simple and complex. It is simple because you can define alignment with a couple of words, “Gaining Buy-in.” It is complex because you must determine what level of buy-in you need…how do you know who you need buy-in from? And how can you tell […]

Slow Down to Speed Up… Why is this Important?

In our last blog I wrote about “slowing down to speed up,” with an analogy of Gary Kubiak and the Denver Broncos Super Bowl Champs. Now I want to share with you how we came up with this principle from our studies on some of the latest research in human behavior. We would like to […]

7 Leadership Traits for the 21st Century

For our recently released book, The Art of the Nudge, we studied the latest research on leadership, communication, neuroscience, and behavioral economics, while working actively with all types of leadership teams. As a result, we stumbled upon some startling and counterintuitive ideas on the brain and how people make decisions, as well as discovered much […]