Miscommunication and Misalignment are Rampant Today! What Role are you Playing?

Let me start with a Story of one of our key clients. XYZ is a fast-growing technology company, having problems between product development and product marketing. Product development certainly had a big job for their stable applications that were the backbone of the business. They were also quickly transitioning to a nimbler organization with design […]

Training As A Campaign

This month we are proud to have the President of CI Squared, John Geraci, present his point of view on the state of the corporate training world, drawing on his experience in the United States Army. Do you feel like you’re flushing training dollars down the toilet? Frustrated and a bit angry, yet knowing training your […]

Sharks and the Concept of Change

What can Whale sharks and Great Whites teach us? The start of the new third quarter and second half of the year is an ideal time to identify changes necessary for a monumental second half. What has gone well and what needs to be tweaked is worth time and reflection. Some people feel uneasy when […]

Passion – An Asset You Cannot Afford to Waste

How can you ignite passion? According to a Gallup research poll, only 30% of the U.S. workforce is engaged in its work. Shockingly, the vast majority of U.S. workers (70%) are not reaching their full potential. Analyzing how and why your employees are motivated is worth investing in to ensure success and productivity for your […]

Millennials…Start ‘Em Early

Millennials…Start ‘Em Early Remember back in the day when “1999” by Prince thumped on every boom box? The ominously funky jam was the perfect song to celebrate the new millennium. Yet as the reality of “Y2K” sunk in, people responded with panic, triggered by great fears of the unknown. So many questions, worries and tragedies were […]


IT’S THE NEW YEAR. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE? In terms of famous laws and rules, the Golden Rule is probably one of the most famous. We’re all familiar with this Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have done unto you. But why, we are realizing, is it not […]

Why Columbo Enchanted us & how he won every case

Why Columbo enchanted us & how he won every case (Spoiler alert: He used Empathy 101) From 1971 until 2003, audiences were entertained with an atypical whodunit television show where a character played by Peter Falk named “Lieutenant Columbo” solved mysterious crimes. For those unfamiliar, Columbo was like a more empathetic, personable Sherlock Holmes. As […]

Communication for Your Highest Potential in the Digital World

If you’re like us, you know the world is moving faster and you are managing multiple communication platforms via social, digital, and mobile technologies daily. If clear communication and dialogue are key to gaining alignment for teams and projects, it’s important that these tools are helping and not hindering.