“After a sales call, 57% of prospects thought that the caller had a clear understanding of their needs.” (New Voice)

Do you come out of a discovery meeting or first audience with a client and not know more than before you got there? Perhaps you did not ask the right questions and truly listen.Detective Art

The world has changed with the bombardment of digital and mobile inputs. Selling and leading today is about getting people to opt-in. With readily available information on the web, your customers think they already know you and what they need. Simply selling your product or solution is just not enough.

We will help you understand a part of storytelling as a tool that no one else is talking about which is story gathering. More to the story than just telling, knowing how to effectively (harvest, amass, collect) your customers’ and others’ stories is essential. Our communication skills for salespeople will give you the roadmap for Story Gathering. Using sales listening skills to uncover unspoken needs and discovering insights begins the process of leading others to a different way of thinking, helping them see what they didn’t know was possible.

Learning the framework for Gathering will enable you to use Storytelling as an effective sales technique throughout a conversation thus creating magic. Our sales leadership skills will enable you to achieve your business outcomes faster, better qualify and use your time, while increasing revenue and winning the deals important to you and your sales team.

It’s NOT just about Storytelling, its how to develop & improve your ability to identify and understand your customers and your team with story gathering, building and telling.


Single or ½ day programs in changing the conversation: Story Gathering, Building and Telling; Two-day Full Immersion programs, Kickoff Meetings, Virtual and Keynotes.  Workshops to improve communication skills for sales people.