John Geraci


Being in charge has always been a huge part of my life, starting from a young age. My father held a prominent position in the United States Army which meant numerous moves and long absences. My mother dealt with this in destructive ways, which eventually led to a tragedy that placed me, age 16, in charge of all my siblings. I quickly stepped in to this role without much knowledge, yet in time I evolved into the best caregiver I could be. Of course, this didn’t happen without mistakes, but mistakes beget change which begets positive evolution.

I then attended West Point where the leadership training and academic structure influenced me greatly. The following six years of leading highly-trained and motivated soldiers laid a useable foundation that could be applied to business. After the military, I worked in the high-growth computer software industry with smart, aggressive, and motivated people. I was promoted multiple times from Sales to CEO with challenges and struggles along the journey.

Over the course of my career, despite my numerous successes, I saw that while “taking charge,” telling and pushing worked in the old paradigm of leadership, it also led to communications struggles and unnecessary conflict with others. I have experienced first-hand the evolution of skills needed in to be an effective leader in this fast-paced digital world with an ever evolving and changing workforce (women, millennials, diversity, etc.). I’ve always known the critical importance of working with others, earning the right to influence, effect change, and lead. Learning lessons while growing alongside the people I led as the paradigm of leadership has evolved has been invaluable. I believe that people and organizations have untapped potential for growth, and I know that effective communication is critical to inspiring high performance.

I formed CI Squared with co-founder, Christine Miles, combining my operational experience with her behavioral psychology and emotional intelligence background to help leaders improve communication through storytelling for real business results. The cutting-edge research we studied on the brain and behavioral economics has inspired me to grow, evolve, and improve my own leadership skills. We invented an innovative communication framework, The Art of The Nudge (TATN), that helps with the ‘HOW’.

Our vision is to disrupt traditional training and impact millions of people and organizations. Buyer 2.0, Organization 2.0, Employee 2.0 and Leader 2.0 have evolved and therefore all want and need a new style of interaction and most of us need to adapt.

“Great Leaders are foremost creators of great stories.”
– Akerlof and Shiller, “ANIMAL SPIRITS”

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…playing golf and spending time with family.


…working out and reading


…interacting with people in meaningful ways.

…the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…..and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly…

Theodore Roosevelt


Chris and John delivered a very impactful Executive Session to our leadership team, including the CEO and several other senior executives. The team immediately grasped the framework and saw how this method of communicating through story could improve SCRA’s business performance by both listening more effectively to our customers and telling compelling stories that break through the clutter of our digital world.

Chris Van Metre

President, SCRA Applied R&D


I am getting better information and creating the connection I need to have with my clients to really serve them more effectively. As an upper cervical chiropractor that specializes in conditions linked to significant neurological disorders, I can also say that John and Christine have utilized important ideas of current neurosciences.

Dr. Bill Moss

Keystone Specific Chiropractic Center