Reality is that 65% of marketing content is not used by sales”. (Sirius Decisions) and that is a problem.

Sales staff often think that marketing staff have NO idea what their needs are and on average they spend 43 hours per month searching for the right content (Aberdeen Group). Marketing people say that sales people are boastful and like to work alone. So where does that leave your team? Misaligned.

Customers today seek out brands with stories. If you want to build a sustainable business and a brand that garners loyalty, you have to start with your story. A brand story is not just a catchy tagline that you advertise for a few weeks to attract attention. Power of storytelling is the foundation of your brand and a strategy for the future growth of your business. You have a unique story to tell, and CI Squared can teach you how to tell it.

Sales and marketing need a story telling structure to level set and speak the same language. We will help you acquire finely tuned communications skills; first, by showing you what creates a compelling story to make the right point for your audience, and then, by explaining the basic Story Building Blocks and Map to build and tell stories.

We are the how-to turbo charge your existing sales methodology. Our programs implement practical, skill-based learning that will ignite sales methodologies including: the Challenger Sale principles, the Sandler System, Conceptual Selling, SNAP selling, and most other selling strategies your organization uses.

We have created a simple, replicable unifying framework like no other.


Single or ½ day programs in changing the conversation: Story Building session to establish an inventory of stories to use (i.e. company story), Story Gathering and Telling; Two-day Full Immersion programs, Kickoff Meetings, Virtual and Keynotes. Workshop to improve communication skills for marketing and sales/presales professionals.