Misunderstanding people costs you missed opportunities

“Business people often don’t get the importance of establishing human relationships… But once you are in that field, emotional intelligence emerges as a much stronger predictor of who will be most successful, because it is how we handle ourselves in our relationships that determines how well we do once we are in a given job.” Daniel Goleman 

Most people do not understand how others may think, feel and react. Emotional intelligence training teaches you how to turn data into a rich narrative;

you can tap into the potential of your most powerful reservoir of power and influence – your subconscious brain – to build trust, gain insight, and instill action with employees, prospects, customers, investors and others.

You will nimbly overcome bias and objections. A focus on these emotional-intelligence skills is provocative, timely and ultimately a differentiator for us and for you. 

Increase your influence and effectiveness – in business and in life – by understanding how personality styles drives behavior and decisions to buy. These These sales communication skills provide insight and understanding that is priceless as you will identify which people naturally align or misalign with you during both calm and emotional situations. You will learn to adapt your pace, level of detail, and the stories you tell as powerful tools during your conversations. This will help you drive results by meeting others ‘where they are’ and learning how to “flex” your behaviors. It’s an art, not just a science.

You can’t give a personality assessment to customers, so how do you figure out their style in a meeting? Use a personality mapping exercise to assess and directionally understand personality styles to better adapt, pivot and influence others.

Stories connect with people on an emotional level and inspire them to act. For this reason, the most successful organizations draw upon the power of storytelling to inspire, motivate, communicate abstract concepts, and define culture and values. We will teach you to be a psychologist in your own business by understanding how to improve interpersonal communications in the workplace.


Single or ½ day programs in changing the conversation: Story Gathering, Building and Telling; Two-day Full Immersion programs, Virtual and Keynotes. Workshop to improve communication skills for executives, sales leaders, customer service, presales.