John Geraci

John Geraci

John Geraci

About Me

I am focused on helping individuals and organizations innovate and change to the new world of work/digital first.

My story begins at West Point where the leadership training influenced me greatly. The following six years of leading highly trained and motivated soldiers was a great foundation.

After the military, I began working in the Software industry; high growth, with smart, aggressive and motivated people. I was promoted multiple times from sales to company president. It was challenging, and fun. On reflecting about successes and failures, I realized the key importance of effective communication.

The fast pace of change due to disruptive technologies is causing rampant miscommunications that are sapping energy, speed, and performance today. We call them Silent Productivity Killers(SPKs TM)

Ci2 invested three years examining research on cutting edge concepts of Neuroscience, “how we think” and Behavioral Economics, “how we make decisions”. We are applying these ideas to communication to improve specific conversations in your workflow to connect, understand, and inspire customers.

When customers feel heard and understood amazing things happen with your relationships and business performance. Our innovative early adopters are applying these soft skills to increase revenue and margin while delivering amazing customer experiences.

Please connect and let us hear your Story.

“Great Leaders are foremost creators of great stories.”
– Akerlof and Shiller, “ANIMAL SPIRITS”