Melanie Cary

Melanie Cary

About Me

“35 years working in the Customer Experience space taught me that effective communication is the key to productive teams, successful projects and great long-term customer relationships.

Over my career I led thousands of implementations and customer initiatives. I have seen projects succeed and I have seen them fail. The difference was almost always communication.

Services teams were not effective at uncovering and gathering customer requirements. They were not listening; they were making assumptions and they were asking leading questions. As a result, they didn’t understand what customers were trying to accomplish or their vision of the solution.

Project teams were uncomfortable and ineffective having challenging conversations with customers regarding their implementations. They were afraid to address changes to budget, scope or schedule – which inevitably led to escalations, concessions and lost productivity.

CX personnel did not look for – and often missed — upsell opportunities. They did not understand the customer’s goals enough to see where they could provide additional value or ensure they would renew.

Miscommunication and misset expectations led to disappointed customers and frustrated services teams. Misunderstandings between teams caused growing tension and killed productivity.

When I heard about CI Squared I was excited, because it allowed me to leverage my CX experience while helping people grow and develop. It gives me a framework to help other leaders prevent the problems I encountered so many times in my career.

At CI Squared, we teach a communication framework developed from new research in neuroscience and behavioral economics. Specifically, we use the medium of STORY to better understand and inspire customers.

We teach people how to ask the right questions and uncover the customer’s true story, goals and vision instead of making assumptions. We teach teams how to disagree agreeably with customers and with one another, addressing potential problems early and effectively. We teach teams how to tell the right stories to inspire their customers to make the best decisions and to avoid making the wrong ones.

Communication is a skill that cannot be overlooked. The impact on customer satisfaction and revenue is significant, immediate and direct. All leaders and customer-facing teams need this skill to succeed in today’s ever-changing work environment.”