The Art of the Nudge


The Art of the Nudge, or “TATN” for short, is a communication framework based on two core principles:

1) Slow down to speed up
2) Small Nudges can inspire action


We firmly believe these two principles will empower you to harness your potential more fully in these fast-paced times, driving your business and personal outcomes: increased revenue, higher margins, increased customer satisfaction, and increased employee engagement, all leading to increased shareholder value or personal satisfaction.



Product Description

The Art of the Nudge (TATN) is a step by step framework to:

  1. N – (K)now what you want to do or accomplish, and more importantly, WHY?
  2. U – Understand the current story being told by you and others in your organization.
  3. D – Develop a new story that empowers people and ignites their passion to take Action
  4. G – Give and tell this story often enough to inspire others to act with their maximum potential.
  5. E – Evaluate progress, celebrate success, and continue to Nudge or adapt.

Within the framework of The Art of the Nudge, you will learn to believe in the untapped potential and power of your brain with some key pictures: The Iceberg, Superhighways and Dirt Roads, and the Elephant and Rider.

Visualizing our TATN Framework as a car, we will introduce you to some key components and complementary tools: Personality Profiles as the tires, Story Gathering as the engine, and Nudges as the gas pedal, to help you powerfully utilize the framework.