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Using the Customer Hero Story

Oct 5,2018

Using the Customer Hero Story is one powerful way to leverage Stories as a differentiator for improved performance. I was excited about my new job and the high quality of smart people I had interviewed with at Management Science America many years ago. I had participated in a two-week on

Win Rates in a Complex B2B World: Are You Measuring and Using Them Effectively?

Jul 17,2018

People in sales understand win rates. While most claim they measure and use them to drive execution improvements, this is not what we observe. Win rates are the number of times you win deals that you have competed in. In a complex B2B sales world, these wins lead to revenue,

Miscommunication and Misalignment are Rampant Today! What Role are you Playing?

May 10,2018

Let me start with a Story of one of our key clients. XYZ is a fast-growing technology company, having problems between product development and product marketing. Product development certainly had a big job for their stable applications that were the backbone of the business. They were also quickly transitioning to

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  • Here’s how to cultivate a work environment that produces great ideas
    In the days before Apple, an engineer pitched the idea for a personal computer five times to his employer, Hewlett Packard. Each time, they rejected his idea. That engineer, Steve Wozniak, went on to found Apple with fellow innovator Steve Jobs. Wozniak wasn’t the first person to have his brilliant idea rejected, and he certainly won’t be the last. The ... read more
  • These are the 3 potential pitfalls of managing up
    It’s no secret that employees and managers need to build great relationships and work well together to create a productive, engaging, and encouraging environment. This is also ideal for employee retention: research shows that relationships between employees and managers have a significant impact. That’s why we so often hear that employees don’t quit their job; they quit their boss. Cultivating ... read more
  • This is what many B2B companies are doing wrong when they build products
    Solution Selling. The Challenger Sale. MEDDIC. Customer-Centric Selling. The B2B world is full of countless methodologies promising large, profitable results. There are so many meetings, product demos, and stakeholders to win over along the way, and it’s easy to get totally consumed by their requirements.  But more often than not, the actual end users of your product sit in a ... read more
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