Managing Partner and Marketing Practice Lead

Samuel Monnie

“My mission is to put people before the P&L. At CI Squared, we believe that effective communication is the key to unleashing people’s full potential and achieving business growth.

The world today is full of barriers and biases that constrain communication. I’ve seen throughout my career how miscommunication, misunderstandings and disagreements can be the difference between success and failure at work.

I’ve been part of hierarchies where senior members didn’t value the opinions of other team members who had good information to help us course correct. Despite how hard they tried they weren’t listened to as we launched products that were rejected by customers or ignored by consumers. This impacted morale, productivity, trust and had a negative drain on the P&L.

Misunderstanding is leading to unprecedented attrition among the younger generations. Employees are unfulfilled at work – and leaders fail to address the problem because they do not realize its gravity. Research shows that 50% of millennials and 75% of Gen Zs quit a job for mental health reasons including anxiety and stress caused by their jobs. Leaders who do not invest in their employees do not retain them. Growth comes from upskilling and reskilling people to be fit for their future of work.

My greatest passion is in helping people unleash their creativity and discover their potential. At CI Squared we believe that human connection is the key to unlocking productivity. We teach how to prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Specifically, we teach a Storytelling framework developed through research in neuroscience and behavioural economics and train employees and leaders to listen effectively, be aware of their biases and to tell stories that inspire. We show how effective communication creates fulfilled employees and hard revenue results, and I’m thrilled to be a Managing Partner at a company where I can facilitate the learning of such an important skillset.”

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