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For marketers, digital transformation has moved from something on the to-do list to a necessity. Marketers need to adapt their ways of working in order to drive short term business results as well as sustainable long-term growth. 

The pandemic accelerated the already rapid pace of change. It transformed customer, consumer, and shopper beliefs and behaviors – what they are looking for, how they research, when they communicate, and why they buy both offline and online. Whether these changes are temporary or permanent, it is now more important than ever for brands to tell stories that stand out. 

Marketing teams often share the same struggles:

  • Brand positioning/storytelling is ineffective compared to competitors (especially challenger brands & start-ups)
  • Misunderstanding customer needs, developing & launching new products or services that fail
  • Focusing too much on features & functions instead of the customer experience
  • Misalignment between marketing & agencies – creates rework, adds time & increases cost
  • Failure to justify proposed marketing plans to executives
  • Sales & marketing misalignment: Sales teams won’t use most materials that marketers provide

Our program addresses these problems by teaching marketers a better way to connect with, understand and inspire people: through stories.

We believe stories are a marketer’s most powerful tool for success. Stories are why customers connect emotionally with your brand, and why they engage with, share and remember you. Stories have the power to profoundly inspire customers and consumers to action without the need to directly influence or sell. 

We teach your team how to gather the customer’s story and uncover their true struggles, needs and goals. We train your team how to build and tell stories that are relevant and resonate with the customer. Internally, we teach your team how to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and agencies to work more productively. We believe all marketing teams must invest in these skills to succeed in today’s work environment.


The world of sales is changing dramatically as we transform to digital business. Today’s modern buyer has unparalleled access to information, and is well along their buying journey by the time they contact a salesperson. However, they have limited time, are pulled in multiple directions, and are racing to deliver results.

Therefore, the customer is looking for much more than just information. They expect consultative interactions that deliver valuable insights about their business problems. This needs to be a collaborative relationship that puts the customer first, is open and transparent, and allows them to opt in to the most appropriate solutions.

Many sales teams are struggling to adapt to the changing behaviors of their buyers.

We frequently hear from customers:

  • Sales teams spend too much time talking about themselves and their product
  • They don’t understand my specific business problem & impacts
  • They don’t demonstrate specifically how their solution can solve my unique problem
  • They can’t help me justify a decision to my executives
  • They haven’t established a strong, trusting relationship with me
  • They seem to care more about their company than mine

We believe that the customer experience is all about building strong relationships. This demands that your salespeople communicate in a more meaningful and powerful way. Companies are not investing enough in equipping their people with these skills.

Our framework trains your teams in advanced communication techniques to connect with, understand and inspire the buyer human-to-human.

We tailor our programs specifically to your organization, your customers and your workflow. Each workshop is customized to address the most critical and challenging conversations you have with customers. 



Customer experience teams traditionally focus all their training on becoming product and technology experts. Although this training is critical, they are not investing in perhaps the most important driver of customer satisfaction, revenue and productivity: communication skills.

Communication is the cornerstone to productive teams, successful projects and great long-term customer relationships. Today these communications are even more complex and difficult. Technology is advancing rapidly, there are more communication channels, and most interactions are happening virtually. 

Whether it’s implementation services, onboarding, account management, customer support, or renewals & retention – it is more important than ever for teams to become expert communicators.

We commonly see the following communication issues in CX teams:

  • Failure to listen effectively and understand customer needs and goals 
  • Making assumptions and asking leading questions 
  • Struggling with difficult conversations about approach, budget, scope & timeline
  • Difficulty building trust and long-term relationships  
  • Uncomfortable & ineffective in conversations with executives
  • Missed & lost upsells, renewals and retention

Our program provides advanced communication training developed from research in neuroscience, psychology and behavioral economics. 

We teach customer experience teams how to ask the right questions and uncover the customer’s true needs and vision instead of making assumptions. We teach them how to address conflicts with customers and with one another, addressing potential problems early and effectively. We teach them how to inspire customers to make the best decisions and to avoid making the wrong ones.

We tailor our programs specifically to your organization, your customers and your workflow. Each workshop is customized to address the most critical and challenging conversations you have with customers.