Training does not stick!

Current surveys show 90% of sales training is lost immediately.

Are you really getting return on your training investment? Sales teams can no longer afford time out of the field for the same old training “event.” We know this is typical and leaves you frustrated and it’s extremely Practice Artcostly to your business. We aren’t typical. Because of our unique lens of psychology and behavioral science we have created a program, NOT an “event”; it’s  a process for adoption, action, and results. C.I. Squared training program combined with our tailored reinforcement program will ensure learning sticks.

Most sales training & development companies have a one size fits all approach: “Here’s our program, take it or leave it.” CI2 tailors our components to drive your specific business outcomes.

We start with your WHY, Personal and Business, followed by developing KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to be tracked and measured, and the behaviors that need to shift to initiate real change. With these details as a roadmap we tailor the training for you and your organization such as:

  1. How will we track and measure business outcomes and KPI’s? Who will review and adapt?
  2. Which exercises are needed to instigate the behavior change?
  3. How are the programs positioned to relate to your specific initiatives? (i.e., new product intro, pipeline growth, company integration, shifting the culture, etc).
  4. What specific types of stories will be most useful to Gather and Build to change the conversation? (Vision Story, Strategy Story, Culture Story, Company Story, Product Story, Customer Hero Stories, My WHY Story, or Best Failure Story).
  5. What is the best way to make training become real behavioral change within your unique culture? What measurements, email or video nudges, how to measure progress?

We believe our customers when they tell us that tying all of this together in a specific, tailored approach is innovative, unique, and invaluable. Strategy to improve sales productivity is the missing link to make learning stick and get results.


EQuipt partners with your team to tailor your branded reinforcement program to stimulate action post- workshop, within the critical 21, 60, and 90-day time-frame after training.  Provide statistics and track ROI for you to measure the success of training campaign.