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Poor engagement and communication have significant impact across the business. We built our programs to help transform your team’s ability to deliver in these key areas:

Failure to Understand Customers

Teams often make too many assumptions about customer needs and requirements. They ask leading questions instead of listening, resulting in inadequate solutions, poor service responses, and frustrated customers. Teams who are trained to recognize their assumptions and biases, listen well, and ask great questions are better equipped to uncover and offer solutions that meet the customer’s true needs.

Focusing too much on company and product

These same teams often spend too much time talking about products and features. Customers feel “pitched to” instead of listened to, resulting in missed revenue opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. The most successful teams focus on the customer, not the product. These are the teams who win the relationship and the deal.

Struggling with difficult conversations

In any high-value business relationship, there are critical points where expectations must be managed, objections handled, or disagreements hashed out. When teams are not trained to properly address these conversations, problems fester and escalate, hurting productivity, customer relationships, and business. The most effective teams bring up difficult subjects early and transparently and can guide their customers to better outcomes.

Difficulty building trust and long-term relationships

Customer-facing teams are dealing with a world of more informed buyers and more communication channels than ever before. Customers have limited time, are pulled in multiple directions, and are racing to deliver results. Teams must learn to adapt and build strong customer relationships in this increasingly digital and fast-paced work environment.

A lack of sales skills in Services and Customer Success

Services and Customer Success teams have a huge impact on revenue, yet they are often uncomfortable and ineffective in value conversations. When teams learn how to ask questions that uncover the customer’s business goals, renewal and expansion becomes a natural solution to the customer’s problem. Upsells, cross-sells and renewals increase without the need to push or sell.

Inability to communicate effectively with executives

Many customer-facing teams are not compelling during conversations with business decisionmakers. This makes it difficult to gain executive sponsorship, limiting expansion opportunities and increasing competitive risk. Effective teams learn to focus on business value and outcomes over processes and technical details.

Our Philosophy

Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. To do this, we are bringing new talent.

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We welcome and celebrate different perspectives to help our firm, our clients and our people achieve enduring results.

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